Dog Scarf

Welcome to the Dog scarf tutorial! here you will find the measurements, supplies and tools you will need, photo tutorial.


Recommended Fabric – Cotton fabric, canvas, jean

Medium weight interfacing (for light weight fabric such as cotton)

Collar – Make your own collar!

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Cut a square to the size you desire.

for lighter weight fabrics use interfacing to create stability if you so share wish.

Fold in half and press

use your fold line as a guide, fold in the corner on the fold to the measurement in the chart.

do this with other corner across from it.

pin into place.

sew along the folded edge with a top stitch

Fold in half with the right sides together. sew the raw edges.

flip right sides out. and press

draw a straight line across to create a guide line, this will create the casing for your collar.

sew the guide line and top stitch the rest of the scarf.



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