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In this tutorial i will show you how to make the crinkle version, the crinkle portion may be skipped if making a quiet cozy lovey for baby.

Beautifully soft and cozy made from minky fabric


Recommended fabrics – Soft fabrics that will be gentle on babies skin.

Minky, Flanelette, velour

Ribbon – Grograin, satin, printed, textured, scalloped

Satin ribbon

grograin ribbon

Crinkle material – none toxic plastic gift wrap

Crinkle material specfically designed for toys

Plastic suspender clips

Crinkle toy size 8″ x 8″ Cut 2 pieces of fabric

Cut 1 – crinkle material 9″ x 9″

Lovey size -Cut 2 – approx 14″ x 14″

and the end of the day make this as big as you like! 😀

If on a budget i used this but if your making these to sell on a small scale i would def use the crinkle material
place your ribbons folded along the edge, pin and then sew them into place.
place this fabric right sides together with other piece of fabric with the crinkle fabric on the outside of the two pieces, sew all the way around leacing a 3 inch gap between two ribbons.
Sew a top stitch all around the edge closing up the hole you had for turning, i sew an X across it to keep the plastic in place and if your making a lovey to keep the fabrics flat together.


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