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Welcome to the Facemask tutorial, this facemask is great for illness (when protecting others from large particles) , renovating, protecting from large dust particles.
**i know this tutorial sparks rage and moronic behaviour in some but just know this will NOT protect you from the Carona virus.

This is a 3 ply facemask with 3 layers of cotton fabric. Elastic to wrap comfortably around your ears and stretch over your nose and chin.

4 Sizes available


Cotton fabric


Child Size

Cut 1 – 10″ x 5.75″

Cut 1 – 7″ x 5.75″

Elastic – Cut 2 – 9.5″


Step 1 – Fold largest piece in half and place on top, right sides together.


Step 2 – Press

Step 3 – Sew a quarter of an inch seam allowance at the top and bottom to secure the folded piece down.

Step 4 – flip right sides out and press.

step 5 – create 3 accordian folds 1/2″ thick.¬† to watch how to do this fold please refer to the video tutorial.

Step 6 – top stitch the top of the mask, and 1″ in on each fold to secure it down.

Step 7 – Fold the sides in a 1/2″ and then again overlapping the folds

Step 8 – sew a top stitch close to the edge of the fabric to create the casing for the elastic.

Instrall elastic and knot at the end to create a loop.



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