Diaper and Wipes wallet

hey! welcome to the Diaper and wipes wallet tutorial!  or…. tablet wallet!  this is a dual purpose little wallet thing.

here you will find the measurements, tutorial, photos and links to products and tools i use in all my Videos!!

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This Wallet would totally work for a medium size tablet and a notepad… haha!

for diapers you can fit newborns side ways and then the larger diapers length ways. and Wipes in the other slip pocket.

The measurements!

Outer and lining piece – Cut 2 x 11″ x 13″

Slip pocket – Cut 2 – 10″ x 11″ folded to a 5″ x 11″

Optional Cork piece – 4 3/4″

Tab piece – 2 1/2″ x 8″


Hook piece – 1″

Loop piece – 2  1/2″

Medium weight interacing on all pieces if using Cotton

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Tools i use!

Iron – Oliso

Sewing machine – Brother

Ironing Board – Tutorial

Rotary Cutter – Olfa

Cricut –

Sewing Clips


the large piece of cork is not pictured.

Step 1: Fold slip pocket pieces in half so it measures 5″ x 11″, Press and top stitch along the folded edge.

Step 2: optional to place the decorative cork piece place 4 3/4″ away from one edge. sew with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Fold it over.

top stitch 1/8th away from edge of cork piece.

Step3: place the hook piece on the tab piece.  3/4″ away from one end and centred.

Step 4: place right sides together and sew down 3 sides, flip right sides out and press, top stitch 1/8″ away from edge.

place llop piece centred on the cork panel 3/4″ away from edge.  line up the tab piece on the opposite side with the velcro facing up.

this is not the correct photo… sorry i suck haha but place the slip pockets on the lining piece in this way.

right sides together and sew all the way around leaving a gap between the slip pockets for turning.

Snip the corners, flip and press. now for the top stitch around the entire thing closing up that hole. and your done!




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