Free Pattern Cup cozy

Super easy Cup cozy, fits standard size cups and the elastic will help it fit to most sizes


Cotton Fabric

Fusible Fleece

3/4″ or larger Button

Thin elastic

Sewing Machine

Oliso Iron

Step 1 : Download and Print the pattern

Download the FREE PDF HERE — >¬† – cupcozy

Step 2: Cut out 2 piece out of Cotton Fabric and 1 out of Fusible fleece or any other stabilizer. I like the fusible interfacing because it adds more barrier between you and the cup so you dont get burned


Step 3: iron on the fusible interfacing onto the back of one of the pieces

place the two cotton piece right sides together.

Step 4: place the two cotton piece right sides together.

Step 5: Sew all the way around leaving a 1 inch hole at one of the short sides.

Step 6: Flip it right sides out and press

Step 7: fold in the raw edges and press.

Step 8: Cut a piece of elastic 2 1/2″ in length and fold it in half, slip the cut edges in between the layers of the fabric on the short side.

Step 9: Sew all the way around with a top stitch, shorten your stitch length and do a few passes over the elastic portion and i use a 3 stitch length for the rest of it.


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