Christmas Gnome Tutorial

This is a great little Christmas craft, made with one piece of fabric, a piece of fur and two socks

I went over to Dollar Tree and found some White socks and thought the work socks look  super cute so i  grabbed a pair of those


Fleece Fabric

long Fur fabric

Work Sock

White Sock

Glue Gun

Elastic bands or needle and thread

Rice, filler or polyester fiber fill


Snip off the top of the sock under the heel

Fill the sock with your choice of filler, i used Rice to make it a little heavy and to stand up better

Tie the top of it with an elastic or you can use a needle and thread to sew it up.

Snip bottom of a solid colour sock, im using white but you can also use a tan or flesh tone colour since this is for the nose

Fill this with polyester fibre fill, i used this because the rice didnt make the sock look nice a smooth

Sew up the opening of the sock and snip off the excess sock, if you would like a smaller nose for your Gnome then i recommend a baby sock!

Now you can either Sew on the nose towards the top of the body or  use a big glob of hot glue (which is what i did) and stick it on

Now we will cut a piece of fur about 4″ x 6″ you can of course gauge the size depending on your body, when cutting the fur i like to use a utility knife and cut on the back so i

dont chop through the fur and make a big mess and it also makes the edge look more natural

And then i cut a slit down the centre so it can wrap around the nose

Wrap it around the nose and glue or sew into place

I took a piece of fabric 12″ (measurement around the body of the gnome) by 8″ (desired height of his hat) Fold in half and cut from corner to corner to create a triangle, now sew (or Glue) down the one side to create the hat

Flip the hat right sides out and place it on your gnome, bring the hat down the front of the nose 1/3 of the way so it looks like it covers his eyes and i like to hot glue my hat in place so it doesnt come off and then your done!

You can add addition decoration or keep it simple like this!



Hey guys!

My name is Ashley! and welcome to your resource for free Sewing tutorials and PDF patterns!

I hope you take a moment to look around and find inspiration for future projects!

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