My Son needed a scarf, why did he not have a scarf? i have no idea… so i  decided to make one for him, i grabbed my Stash and found some blue plaid fleece from my Poncho tutorial

My 5 year old daughter of course loved the scarf but wanted to mix it up a bit, so this is what she designed all by herself! a kitty paw pocket scarf, so smart for 5! lucky for me i had an excess of grey from the ponchos i made them and some scraps of the pink plaid and BEHOLD!! soooooooooo cute, she loves it so much!

Step by step tutorial, video, printable pattern!  super cute and the pocket can also hold little toys and suchs

learn how to applique fabric to create a design such as this kitty paw

Thank you so much and hope you enjoy this pattern as much as my daughter loves it!Save

Download the pdf for the Cat paw above

Make a Plain Pocket Scarf
Great for toddler to small child
pocket pieces (Cut 4) 7.5” x 7.5”
Main Scarf piece (cut 2) 50” x 7.5”

Teen/Adult Size
Pocket Piece(cut 4) 9”x8”
Scarf Body (cut 2) 70” x 8”

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