No Sew “quilted” ornament

This blog post is intended to give you the exact amounts for what you need to create this beautiful ornament, it is hard to convey how to make this ornament in writing so i recommend watching the video tutorial so you can have a better understanding

For this project you will need 3″ styrofoam balls

Cotton Fabric

Pretty ribbon

For the entire ornament you will need cotton squares cut into 3″ x 3″ pieces

for the main fabric on the ball you will need 24 3×3″ pieces

accent fabric you will need 16 3×3″ pieces

you will also need a 11″ by 2″ piece cut out of the main fabric

Taking a piece of fabric fold it in half and then again to find the centre point, place a pin through the fabric through the wrong side and stick it into the ball, fold the piece in half and then take the top corners folding them down to create a triangle. this ball is formed by many triangles formed this way

once you have finished one side with half of the fabric you will repeat the process on the opposite side, try to keep it centre with the previous side

your finger tips might start to get sore at this point so i recommend a thimble to help push the pins in

once both sides have been complete you will take the strip of fabric, iron the sides in 1/4″ in and then hot glue it around the ball to hide the raw edges

tuck a loop of ribbon under the fabric before your are finished hot gluing the fabric

using some pretty ribbon create a large bow to place on top to hide the seam of the fabric

if you make this please share on instagram @charmedbyashley


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