Pet Bed Sewing Tutorial

This tutorial is a Video tutorial located over at my youtube channel, here you will find the measurements and materials list to make this beautiful pet bed.

The things you will need

Beautifully soft fabric

For the puppies i would use a tougher fabric a thick fleece, for the cats i would use a soft baby blanket maerial such as a minky fabric.

Polyester fiber fill

ribbon or 1/2″ rope (i like the rope as it doubled up as a cat toy)

This tutorial consists of 2 circle pieces of fabric, i chose to have 2 different patterns for each circle


Create a half pie shape pattern with the radius size of your pet

Each size is dependent on the size of your pet, XS would be perfect for chihauhua, XL – Large dog such as labrador

The bed will have an interior circle for the centre circle, take that measurement when you do the centre pillow step

XS – 15″ Centre pillow Raidus of 8″

S – 17″  Centre pillow radius 9″

M – 21″ Centre pillow radius 11″

L – 25″ Centre pillow radius 15″

XL – 32″  Centre pillow radius 22″

Refer to Video so this all makes sense



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