Pet Bag Dispenser

Today we are making a great little dog bag dispenser, it measures to be 2″ wide, 2 ” tall and 3″ long. perfect for storing small items and bags, small enough to hang off a leash. 


Cotton Fabric

Tarp grommet –

Metal Grommet –

Split Ring –

Medium weight interfacing –

Swivel Clasp –

D Ring –

Zipper –


Fabric size

Outer Fabric – 6” x 9”
Lining Fabric – 6” x 9.5”
Tab piece – 2” x 5”

Zipper – 6-8″ in length

1 Grommet of your choice

i used Tarp grommets as they are very easy to install

Iron on interfacing and fold your tab piece into a long thin strap, sewing on both sides


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