Wrist Key Fob Sewing tutorial

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To watch the full Video instruction link’s Below!


Key Fob Hardware –  Link

Fusible Fleece or a piece of quilt batting (i use the fusible fleece as i can iron it and it wont shift during the sewing process)

Cotton Fabric  – Cotton Fabric Measures 4″ x 12″ for a standard Adult wrist

Fusible fleece measures 1″ x 12″

Hardware is 1″ wide

and Pliers

First take fabric fold in half length ways

Open up piece and fold in either side so the raw edges meet in the middle, you will place your strip of batting under one of these flaps so just open up once side and place the strip and iron into place if using a fusible material

Is your iron Smart? Visit www.oliso.com.

now fold once last time to form the strap

Sew Along each side  about 2 mm away from the edge, at this point you are done but if you wish to add addition lines of stitching or if you would like to quilt your band you are free to do use your imagination!

Quilty Box

Before you do this step cut the raw edges of the strap to square them up and make them neat, using some Fray check might also be helpful. from here you will place the raw edges inside the keyfob hardware making sure the sides are lined up and its evenly place and pinch the hardware with pliers or key-fob plier tool


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