Tissue travel package holder

This pattern is based on Kleenex Brand travel tissue package

This can hold a stack of tissues or place the package directly inside

Kleenex brand package measures 4 1/2” x 2 1/2” x 3/4”

You can turn this into a key chain with a tab piece or just have it a regular tissue holder and omit the tab piece

Download the PDF pattern charmedbyashley-Tissueholder

Inventory list

1 inner piece and 1 outer piece

I made mine out of cotton

to create the tab piece fold in the sides so the raw edges meet in the middle and then fold again, sew down both sides to create a piece that resembles a little strap, place to the side

Place the two pieces right sides together, the lining will be larger but that is ok, just line up the sides and let the lining pucker

Sew down both sides with a 1/4″ seam allowance

Fold the piece right sides out, try to even the sides and then press

This is how it should look

Now you will fold the piece in half and mark the centre

line up the sides in the middle of the fabric where you marked it, over lap the sides a little bit and pin in place

If you wish to create the key chain this is where you will add the tab, place it in between the lining and the outer fabric like shown

Sew down both sides with a small seam allowance, snip off excess threads and cut it down if you made the seam allowance a little too large, will save headaches for next step

Now we are going to create a french seam to hide the raw edges, turn the whole piece inside out, flatten it on the sides as best you can even if you use an iron to assist you, it might be a little difficult on the side where the tab is but it can be done.

Sew down the sides with 3/8″ seam allow ace, enough to hide those raw edges within the seam


Sew down both sides and then flip back right sides out and your done!





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