Bullet journal Ideas

This years Resolution was to be organized… maybe too organized?

I dont think there is such a thing is too organized… Here is a list i have compiled of different Bullet Journal ideas, use them all or use a little! either way this can def help you assess your life and prioritize important things such as doodling haha!

What Bullet Journal Do i use?  Leuchtturm1917 Dotted pages

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The Basic’s

Weekly Spread

Monthly Spread

To do list week/ month / year

Yearly Goals

Future Year list important days to remember throughout the year such as concerts, vacation, important events (i.e weddings, showers)

Grocery List

Meal Planning

Health and Wellness

Weight Loss Tracker

Habit Tracker

Exercise Tracker

Period Tracker

OPK Tracker

Pregnancy Tracker

Symptom Tracker

Disease/condition tracker (ie Diabetes ect.)

Beauty Routine

Hair Care Routine

Sleep Log

Dream Log

Fit Bit Tracker

Hiking Tracker

Mood Tracker

Parenting pages

Children Schedule

Lunch Tracker

Homework Tracker

Music Lesson Schedule

sports Schedule

Milestone tracker

Child Habit Tracker

Doctor Visit Tracker

Due Date Tracker

Labour And Delivery list

Baby Name list

Baby shower ideas


(Collections are a list that are all base on the same theme)

Book List

Movie Tracker

Birthday List

Wish List

Special Quotes

Bible Verses

Tv shows Watched

Netflix watched

Monthly Favourites

Sticker Collection

Address Phone Numbers


Zone Cleaning


Travel Plans

Travel bucket list

life bucket list

De clutter your life

30 items in 30 days list

Gratitude Journal

Favorite. Memories Log

Lessons Learned

Write some poetry

Dream wedding inspiration page

Engagement party inspiration page

bridal shower inspiration page

Wedding list

honey do list

Party games to remember

Wedding Registry list

Home Management

Zone Cleaning

honeymoon list

Meal planning

Room decor inspiration


Monthly Budget Tracker

Utilities tracker

income growth

Saving tracker

Buying and Selling list

Car Payment Tracker & Car Care

Water plant Tracker

Pet Tracker

Dog tracker

Cat Tracker

Illness Tracker

weather tracker

Temperature Tracker


Travel Destination Tracker

Travel Wish list

Packing List

Cities to visit

Arts & Crafts

Doodle Page

Quote Wall

Paint page

Sewing Project  Tracker

Crochet  / knit tracker

Craft Tracker

Social Media & Blogging

Blogging Ideas

Blogging Schedule

Youtube Ideas

Youtube Schedule

Instagram tracker

Twitter tracker / schedule

Other Notebooks Great for Bullet Journals


North Books

Miliko Transparent Cover

Miquel Rius









How to make a Wallet – Sewing pattern

I wanted to make a wallet perfect for a child, but could also be used for an adult, i love how it provides security for small change, a bill pocket and a few card slots!

A video tutorial is over on my youtube.com/charmedbyashley

This is where you will find the pattern measurements!

  1. – 2 x 9×5″ outter pieces
  2. – 2 x 9 x 4.5″ inner pieces
  3. card slots  4.5 x 19″ (one continuous piece that will be folded into slots, watch the video to see exactly how i did it if it gets a little confusing)
  4. Tab piece – 3.5 x 3.5″
  5. Zipper pocket 1 – 4.5×4.5″ 1 – 3.5 x 4.5″
  6. 1 piece of Bias tape ( ready made ) or use the same or a contrasting fabric – 9″ x 2.5″

First i work on the card slot, using a Hot iron i will use a business card to help with the folding and to judge how deep you want your slots to be, putting the card on your fabric and folding the fabric over the card and then back again with create a “slot”  to visualize its sort of an accordian fold, make sure you fold the fabric back 3.5″ before you start folding your slots so you dont have raw edges inside your wallet

For a full demonstration check out the video linked here ->

This is how the back looks like and that part on the left will be folded over the back to line up with the other raw edge

attacked the two pieces to your zipper in this way, lay your fabric right sides down sewing along the zipper and then fold it back and do a top stitch, the 1 piece of fabric is shorter because you will be folding back the long piece behind the zipper to line up the raw edges and that will create your pocket, its not lined but i dont feel its necessary but if you feel you need to line it then that is totally up to you

This is how the longer fabric turns under the zipper and lines up with the shorter fabric, and you will take your inner two pieces with the wrong sides facing each other, lay it on the table and place your card slots on one side and then the zipper on the opposite side in this way

Now you will attach the bias tape at the top of this piece, this will secure all the inner pieces together, then it is best to base the rest of the wallet to keep all the pieces in place (A Baste is when you just do a quick sew around quickly, not intended to secure things and can be done with the longest stitch on your machine)

to sew the tab fold in half and sew down 2 sides, flip it right sides out and top stitch around the three sides

Now its time to put it all together, place one of the largest rectangles right sides facing up, place the inner wallet on top with the right sides facing up, place the tab on either side with the length of the tab near the middle of the wallet, place the last piece of fabric ontop with the right sides facing down.l

Sew all the way around while leaving a 3″ gap for turning

Custom Canvas Prints from Michaels

Add your buttons and if you dont know anything about these types of snaps which are called KAM snaps check out my tips video here!

Do a small top stitch around the entire wallet securing that gap that was using for turning and then your done!

Love how this turned out and i hope you give it a try! i am very happy with this one but not so happy with the one in my video… it still gives you an idea on how to create this wallet so DONT JUDGE ME!! if you go over that haha… i am in no way an expert

Thanks so much and follow me on instagram twitter and facebook @charmedbyashley



Best Money Pouch Sewing tutorials


Hope you enjoy this little round up of zipper pouchs and card wallets! I love sewingi but i especially love making things i can use on a daily basis like this handy little  gems! Enjoy and Pin 😀


Love the fabric choice for this one also! – zipper card pouch

Adorable zipper pouch with slip pocket and button closure – Noodle-Head

Slim Wallet

Another super cute card,money pouch with snap closure  perfect for the little ones to keep a few bucks in! –  Kids Wallet

Mega Card wallet to keep track of all your store cards! – Mega Card wallet

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another adorable wallet!

zippers and slots!  – Wallet

Accordian style wallet with zip pockets – SEW CUTE!

Perfect kids starter wallet! Gotta try this one! – Kids wallet