Half Moon Zipper Toiletry, make up or essential oil pouch

For this tutorial you will need Cotton Fabric, a Outer fabric and lining fabric

12″ or more length zipper

Fusible Fleece or Light to medium weight fusible interfacing

you will need 6″ bias tape, if you don’t have bias tape you can take the fabric the lining is made out of and createĀ  your own bias tape

Get the pattern here!

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find the centre of your zipper and fold the fabric in half length ways to find the centre of the half circle, line up the middle of each and start to pin your zipper alongĀ  the edge, using a zipper foot will make this process easier Sew along the side of the zipper, next you will put the lining ontop and again sew along the same edge to attach the lining (make sure the lining and the main fabric is right sides together with the zipper sandwich in between

** You can of course sandwich the zipper between the main fabric and the lining all at once but it can be a little tricky sewing a zipper onto a curved edge so nothing wrong with doing it one step at a time if you are a beginner

This is how it will look once you have sew on the lining, now we will upzip the zipper and do the same thing on the other side, making sure the zipper isnt twisted and lining up with the edge of the main fabric and lining

no shame in using 1000 pins or clips haha

This is how it will look once you have done both sides, it will look puckered at the side where the zipper is attached but thats ok

Now you will flip it right sides out from one of the cut notches

Now you will do a top stitch next to the zipper to finish it off the zipper

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*Use a long stitch length to make it a little more fancy and try to go as straight as you possible can

turn the bag inside out and pinch the notches lining up the zipper with the centre of the notch, clip into place and sew along that edge

add bias tape to finish it off

Turn right sides out and then your done!

How to make a Leather tassel

As i have been on a handbag, zipper pouch kick ive decided to make a few of these leather tassels! well lucky for me my mom gave me a few old leather coats that have seen better days and i stitch ripped them and im using the smaller portions to create some of these! Very easy and look store bought!

Things you will need are:

Leather or suede

Craft Glue, fabric Tac or even school glue!

Rotary cutter and mat and a clear ruler with quarter of an in measurements (a quilting ruler works great!)

My leather measures 3″ by 4″ but of course the longer you make the one side the longer your tassel and the longer you make the length of the piece the fatter your tassel with be! with leather it is already quite thick and in the end this tassel is almost 3/4″ in diameter

step 1 – Draw a line 1/2″ down the long side of your leather (on the wrong side of your leather) (this line will act as a guide so you dont slice down the leather too far)

Step 2 – use your rotary cutter to slice a strip every 1/4″ until you reach the end

Step 3 – Attach another 1/4″ piece of leather folded in half in the corner to create a loop (where you will hang your tassel fromĀ  your purse) (make sure this is glute down very well and if you are at all concerned you can place a few stitches with a needle and thread)

step 4 – Glue all the way dfown the rest of the none cut strip (top of your tassel and start to roll your tassel from the loop end, nice and tightly)

Step 5 (optional) – if you wish you can again place a stitch to secure the end of the leather but if you use a good strong glue then you should have no problems!

Attach a ring or to a keychain or a necklace and wear!