Make your own Floral Crown

Today i made this beautiful floral crown perfect for special events such as a wedding, communion, photoshoot or just to feel festive this spring!

The Materials you will need for this project are as follows

Wire Cutters
Ashland Tape
Ashland wire
Floral Bush

I purchased all my materials at Michaels 😀

Michaels Craft Stores, Inc.

I also used a glue gun to help make things stay in place but inst necessary if using the tape, if you are making an extremely full crown then glue gun is probably a must have

I have a video tutorial to show exactly how i did it linked below also

Step 1 – Measure your wire, mine measured about 26″ but depending how you want it to sit on your head or the size of your head it could be bigger or smaller, add an inch to your measurement for overlapping

Step 2 – Tape the wire into a loop with your Floral tape, use a long piece and wrap it around the wire overlapping it onto itself and making sure you cover up the sharp edges of the wire

Step 3 – Prepare your flowers, seperate the flowers from the stems trying to leave a longer stem on each bud, this might require some snipping of little plastic pieces, if you are unable to do this and your bud doesnt have much of a stem on the end of it then those would require gluing onto your crown Note** Large statement flowers have very large stems and would require gluing for sure!

Step 4 – Plan our your crown, using your tape place a flower and wrap around the stem to secure it to your crown, to see a video demonstration please head over to my youtube channel

and then Voila! your done! you can make it as full or as space as you desire! I made another beautiful full crown for a photoshoot for my niece!

Michaels Custom Wedding Invitations



The “Bianca” Scarf – Fleece Pocket Scarf Pattern – Classic & Cat Paws

My Son needed a scarf, why did he not have a scarf? i have no idea… so i  decided to make one for him, i grabbed my Stash and found some blue plaid fleece from my Poncho tutorial

Check out the pattern over at

My 5 year old daughter of course loved the scarf but wanted to mix it up a bit, so this is what she designed all by herself! a kitty paw pocket scarf, so smart for 5! lucky for me i had an excess of grey from the ponchos i made them and some scraps of the pink plaid and BEHOLD!! soooooooooo cute, she loves it so much!

Step by step tutorial, video, printable pattern!  super cute and the pocket can also hold little toys and suchs

Pattern includes, kitty pattern, classic pattern + Adult sizing



learn how to applique fabric to create a design such as this kitty paw

Thank you so much and hope you enjoy this pattern as much as my daughter loves it!



Cat Ear crochet Headband

Cozy Cat Ear Warmer just in time for the cold weather!

Click here for! Youtube Channel for Video Tutorials
This post is more to show you how to make the ears because the headband is very straight forward but i will tell you how i made the headband at the end of the post
I used 5mm Hook
Red Heart Soft in Black and White

This Week's Coupon at

Ch4, slip stitch into first chain to create a loop, Ch3 (counts as one DC) 8 DC in the centre of that ring  Youtube Channel for Video Tutorials

This is what it should look like, from here Ch3 (counts as first stitch) and turn your work

2DC in the same stitch, 1DC in the next 3 stitches, 5DC in the next stitch (this should be the middle stitch) 1DC in the next 3 stitches, 3DC in the last stitch, Ch1 and turn your work (counts as first stitch)

2SC in the same stitch, 1sc in the next 7 stitches, 1sc 1hdc 1sc in the next stitch (should be the centre stitch) 1sc in the next 7 stitches, 3sc in the last stitch

To finish the bottom off
Create a space on the SC row and SC 2 in that space, create space and the base of the DC row, put 2 SC in that hole, 2sc into the centre of the ring, 2sc in the DC space and 2sc in the sc row, sl st into the corner and fasten off.

The bottom row should have 10 stitches this is important if you plan to do the next step of the ear and that is to create 2 ears and sandwich together to create an inner ear and outer ear. Refer below for diagram of specifics where to place those SC stitches


Create two ears of the same in different colours, place the inner ear on top of the outer ear and place hook through a stitch on the inner ear and through the same stitch (matching them up stitch to stitch) pull yarn through and Sc the perimeter of the ear, matching up all the stitch perfectly will ensure a perfect ear!

Free knotted headband pattern

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Youtube Channel for Video Tutorials
Headband pattern for Adult
Row 1, Ch42-44, Join the chain to create a loop, HDC in each stitch (be careful as to not twist the chain), sl st to complete the round, Ch1
Rows 2 – 9 – HDC in each stitch, slip stitch to complete the row, ch1
Adjust ch size to fit your head or for the recipients head, Add more rows if you would love a thicker band, decrease rows for a thinner band
Sew on the ears with a darning needle on the 7th row of HDC
Enjoy! Follow me on Twitter, instagram and pinterest @charmedbyashley