Quick and Easy – All Sizes Easy Crochet slippers

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Abbreviatons – ch = chain, SC = Single Crochet, DC = Double Crochet, Sl St = slip stitch

Materials = Worst Weight Yarn, 5mm Hook, Darning needle, Scissors

Follow along with a video tutorial

This Colour is Flamingo by Red heart super saver

Ch2 5 sc into the centre of the first Chain, slip stitch to complete the ground

Round 2 – Chain 2, 2 DC in each stitch, sl st to complete the round (10)

Round 3 – Ch 2, 2DC in each stitch, sl st to complete the ground (20)

Round 4 – Ch 2, *2DC in first stitch, 1DC into the next, Repeat* till end of round, sl st to complete the round (30)

Round 5 – Ch2, 1DC in each stitch around, sl stitch to complete the round (30)

Round 6-9 – Repeat Round 5

Now we will start to work in rows to create the sides of the slipper that will wrap around you heal and ankle

Row 10 – Ch2, DC in the next 21 stitches (22) Turn your work

Row 11 – Ch 2, DC in the next 21 Stitches (2) Turn your work

From Row 10 you will now count how many rows you will need for you size, if you are a size 7 crochet 7 Rows, if you are a size 9 Crochet 9 Rows

i am a Size 8 so i crocheted 8 Rows so my pattern would be

Row 10 – 18 – Ch 2, DC in the next 21 stitches (22) turn your work for each row

When you have completed your rows you will turn the slipper inside out and Sew up the end of the slipper using a darning needle or single crochets and then Fasten off

reattach yarn along the circle opening and single crochet around the opening of the slipper to create a finished edge, you will be working into the sides of stitches so you may want to put a couple single crochets into each one

single crochet until you have done the entire opening and then fasten off










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  1. Beulah

    Keep up the good work

  2. Penelope

    Absolutely love this pattern. Comes together quickly. Made a pair of size 13 in about an hour or so. Thank you!


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