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I’m not the most organized person… not going to lie! and as a youtuber i have alot of ideas that kinda end up everywhere and then i just forget where they are…

So! i decided to try to be super organized and created a printable to create a little notebook to house all my ideas and past ideas, planning out my projects and maybe even adding a few swatches for memory sake, so i thought i would share! i hope you like this PDF and feel free to download and use at your own convenience

Its been designed to have two projects per page so you can fold it into a 5 1/2 x 8″ booklet

I will include a few photos so you can see my finish product! i think its super cute and just might keep me organized! maybe… maybe not… i have good intentions!

Download Here!

Make sure you print on landscape and you may need to select fit to page in the print settings

If you enjoy this PDF please share with your sewing friends!


to make this notebook i printed out the pages, i printed about 4 sheets and then flipped the sheets and put them back in my printer so i can print on the other side of the paper, after i stacked the paper and folded it in half, because when you fold it in half the fold moves the pieces of paper the paper is no longer even on the sides so i grab my paper cutter or rotary cutter and slice it down to about 5″, i grabbed some pattern paper and cut it to 10 1/8 x 8 1/2, folded it in half and then slipped the papers inside it with all the folds lining up, i used some embroidery floss and a needle and sewn along the folded edge to bind all the papers together

Because im not using a ton of paper this binding works great, this book holds 16 projects which could last a few months and then can be filed away so you can look back at past projects

stock pile the notebooks so you will always have that information where you got all the materials, what you made, how much things were  and so on!


Don’t hesitate to contact me if there are any problems. I’ve never released a file in these formats before and editable files can be finicky!




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