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Pop up style face mask

Welcome to the Free tutorial for the “pop up” style mask


Cotton Fabric

Fat quarter bundles work great! –


Types of Elastic – 1/4″ –

bulk elastic –


Cut 1 Outer and 1 Lining

Size X-Small – H6.5” x W8.5”
Size Small – H6.5” x W9”
Medium – H7.5” x W10”
Large – H8.5” x W11”

Step 1 – lay the two pieces right sides together.

Measuring from each corner

XS – 1.25″

S – 1.25″

M – 1.5″

L – 1.75″

Draw a line across and slice off the corner.

Sew the top together and the bottom together leaving the sides open.
Flip right sides out

top stitch along the edges you sewed before.

fold the mask down from the top and the bottom., this fold will differ for each size

Measure this fold according to the size you have chosen to make below.

XS – 1.5″ S – 1.5″ M – 2″ L – 2.25″

Top stitch along this fold at 1/8th of an inch
Fold each fold back onto itself.
do this on both sides, this will create a casing for your elastic. sew along the edge of the fold to secure it down.
Pop out top and bottom and iron folded and flat.
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