For this project i chose to use a Thick Plaid Flannelette Coating (is what they called it at Fabricland)  but it can be easily made with any other cozy fabric even fleece

You want a extra wide fabric so when your at the store try to grab a fabric that is about 54 to 57″ Wide (standard fabric measurements are 42″)    54 to 57 is good enough to measure from the front of your hips over your shoulder to the bum.

If you are making this for someone smaller then you can go ahead and measure the person from the front of their hips over the shoulder to the bum and then their wing span (arms out straight from wrist to wrist)

Average  size of most people are between 54 to 57″ (wing span)

I made mine 54″ x 54″ .

From here you will find the centre of one side and cut a slit towards the centre of the fabric, its great if you have a plaid so you can just follow one of the lines if not a ruler and some chalk will help

So from here you are going to hem that slit that you created, fold over the edge by 3/4″

So of course you can do it by Sewing Machine but if you dont have one or you would like to hide those stitches you can choose to use a needle and thread!  and if your super lazy! some fabricTac haha

I like to hem this portion since it is a woven fabric i dont want it to fray in this area

Dont forget to cut off those Salvages! this ugly white parts

and from here i snipped it off and then started to pull some threads to create a fringe on the edge of my poncho on the back from and sides

Now wrap it around your neck and wear! i love this so much and this plaid is just beautiful imo hehe




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