Sewing Peg Board storage setup

How do you hang a Peg board? When hanging a peg board it is important you create about a 1/2″ behind the peg board, you can purchase a peg board mounting kit but all you need is a washer such as this and a screw that will fit inside of it, make sure the head of the screw is larger then one of the peg board holes and choose a hole at the top, the great thing about a peg board is you can line it up with your studs to make sure you have it nice and secure so find your studs and then choose a hole that is over the stud to screw into

If you screw it into a stud you can literally hang off of this thing haha

These are many different types of hooks you can get for your peg board, i purchased a few variety packs and then some longer ones at my local hardware store

I found these adorable buckets in my gardening section of Dollarama, these are great for small items adds addition storage and you can take it down to use and then stick it back up when your done

to organize my zippers i chose to stack them and use a binder clip to hang them, i love this idea instead of jamming them all into a drawer now i can see how many of each colour i have left!

I got this thread holder at Joann’s and i used a two prong hook and hooked it on, alot better then buying a ton of hooks for each spool

And now all my scissors and hand tools are beautifully displayed

Gold Scissors –

Olfa cutter –

Fiskar Scissors –

Sheers –

I hooked the buckets on the bottom so i dont take up any extra room and are in armsĀ  reach

I used this long basket and hooked it onto two hooks and this fits my washi tapes perfectly!

Hey guys!

My name is Ashley! and welcome to your resource for free Sewing tutorials and PDF patterns!

I hope you take a moment to look around and find inspiration for future projects!

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