How to install a exposed Zipper / Lacy Zipper

How to install a Lace zipper in a simple zipper poch

For this you will need a main bag fabric, a lining fabric and some fusible interfacing

This fabric measures 12″ x 6″

The zipper measures 8″ long but will be cut down shorter to fit the bag

Iron on the fusible interfacing onto the back of the main fabric with a hot dry iron

Lay the fabrics right sides facing together and sew down both sides of the fabric on the short side

Turn the bag right sides facing out and then press the edges that have been sewn.

I used fabric tac to glue the zipper ontop of the sew edge, using a zipper foot sew along the zipper to secure it to the bag, do the same to the other side, you will need to open the zipper to sew it effectively

Slice down the sides of the bag to square up edges and clip off the rest of the zipper

Keep the bag right sides facing out and sew down the raw edges of the bag with a 1/4″ seam allowance

Flip the bag inside out and sew down the same sides of the bag again with a 1/2″ seam allowance

This is a french seam and it will hide all the raw edges and create a finished pouch



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