How to sew an adult Tie

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Learn how to sew a beautiful tie! an adult tie that can be tied with a classic windsor knot

Grab the free template at the end of this post!

Day 6 of the Holiday handmade series is this gorgeous adult tie!

Fabric Suggestions

  • Quilt cotton
  • satin
  • silk
  • linen
  • and so much more!

Despite how skin a tie looks it actually requires a good amount of fabric as the pattern is cut on the Bias which mean its cut diagonnally on your fabric.

To learn how to cut out the tie template please refer to the youtube tutorial

You will also need a lining fabric that can be made from a contrasting fabric to create interest, this will only be visible at either end of the tie and only on the underside.

There will also be a bit of hand sewing with this tie project, but it is quit relaxing if you ask me and i dont mind doing it.

I also enjoy using a bit of interfacing for the ends of the tie to help create a sharp neatly folded tie.

Please check out the full sewing tutorial!

Download “Charmedbyashley-Adultstie-2022.pdf”

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