Hexagon Fabric Tray

This is the tutorial for the Hexagon fabric tray

This is the tutorial if you would like to download a Pattern for this tray DOWNLOAD HERE

This pattern is fairly easy to replicate if not, all flat sides measure 3″, if you want a larger tray then increase size till your desired size


Cotton Fabric

Medium weight interfacing. (Exceptions – if using thicker fabric Omit interfacing)

Cut two hexagon’s and 2 pieces of medium weight interfacing

Iron onto the back of both pieces of fabric

Place the two pieces right sides together and sew  all the way around leaving a 1″ gap on one of the straight sides

Turn the piece right sides out and poke the corners

iron the little hole closed by turning in the raw edges and sew a top stitch along all the edges, this will help close up the hole


This is how it will look

using chalk or disappearing ink pen measure 1 inch from the edge and draw a line, do this on all 6 sides

Sew along the drawn lines to create a small hex in the middle like this

Fold the piece in half, place a pin, on each corner of the hex you will sew a line from the stitched line in the centre to about 1/4″ to 1/2″ away from the point of the hex

The closer you sew the stitches to the folded edge the wider set your little tray will look, 1/4″ its a perfect measurement IMO, but of course its up to you what you prefer 😀

Repeat on all six corners to create your tray



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