Fur Wine Bottle Holder

Hey guys! welcome to 10th day of 12 days of Christmas tutorials! 

For this tutorial you will need Fur fabric, a soft fur not too stiff will work perfect, and a lining material, i used a tradition lining material but you can use  Cotton

for the tie i am using a Cord but you can use ribbon or rope

The measurements for this pattern

Outer fabric – 13″ x 13″ 

Lining Fabric 12(Height)” x 13″ (width)

The lining fabric measurement is 1″ shorter then the outer fabric, this is the height measurement

Step 1: Fold piece in half (width ways) sew down long side and one of short sides to create a sleeve

If your using a lining material I like to snip the raw edges with pinking sheers to prevent it from fraying 
Now we will square off the corners and to do this pinch the corners of your bag and line up the seam with the centre of the bottom of your bag so you have created a triangle, measure from side to side 2″ and draw a line, then you will sew down that line, do this on both sides of your fur piece and only 1 side of your lining
I will do it on corners of the lining but I will only sew one corner a snip the other corner
This is how it will look, then we will turn the lining right sides out

now we will insert the fur piece inside the lining, line up the seams and clip around the opening of the bag. sew all the way around the bag

Once you have sew around the top of your bag you will turn the bag right sides out through the hole left at the bottom of your bag, 
now to sew up the hole, turn the raw edges in and top stitch to close up that seam. because its hidden in the bottom of the bag I dont mind doing  a top stitch here
and because the lining was a bit shorter then the fur the lining pulls the fur into the bag a little bit and makes the top nice and fluffy

Now you can top it with a ribbon or cord to wrap around the neck of your bottle
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