Easy Canvas Fabric Baskets

I had such fun creating this easy canvas baskets! my intial goal was to create adorable baskets for my plants around the house, but they can be used for so much more!

You can find the free download and pattern at the bottom of this post. I think this will for sure be one of my go to baskets for around the house or as gifts for friends, they nest beautifully when making a few sizes.

Canvas Fabric Basket/Planter

I used some heavy duty canvas fabric which holds up on itself perfect. Any super stiff fabric would work great such as Jean or waterproof canvas.

i chose this Green canvas, and heavy duty natural canvas, cork fabric also for the handles (check out the pattern for more handle ideas)

my particular fabric choice does tend to fray so i will be serging the edges to remidy this and prevent furture fraying.

I will be creating the two toned version in this tutorial as there a few extra steps but the pattern will be provided for the plain version as well.

canvas basket
If your not sure what a serger is, its used to finishsed off edges such as this or to sew stretch fabrics.
using pinking sheers can also prevent fabric from fraying.
place the bottom piece on the top piece lining up the long edge, if there is a right or wrong side make sure the right sides are together.
Press the seam and then press the top hem of the basket, folding 1/4″ and then 1/2″. sew the hem at the end.


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