Easter Basket

Welcome to the Easter Basket Tutorial!! Here you will find the measurements for an Easter basket and the instructions on how to find the tutorial so you can make this Adorable Basket!

Things you will need

Cotton Fabrics

Fusible Fleece, or medium weight interfacing


Cut 1 Lining – 12″ x 16″  (optional interface to create Extra stability)

Cut 1 outer fabric – 12″ x 16″  – Interface this fabric to create stability

Strap – 3″ x 15″  – Interface this fabric to create stability

(to create a two fabric strap cute 2 pieces at 1.5″ x 15″)

12″ x 16″ Fabric (finished measurements 9″ x 6″ x 4″

***Watch the tutorial below to learn how to make it, read the alterations to make it a easter basket size 

To make the Bag wider  Measure up 2″

Alter the width of the lining, Measure 4″


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