Cord Keeper sewing tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to make a simple Cord Keeper!  the measurements from this tutorial will be perfect for a small extension cord or charger for a device such as phone or ipad

In the video tutorial i will show you how to make your measurements for your own cords! This is a great idea to keep all of those cords organized especially all those Christmas decorations!


Cotton Fabric

Hook and Loop tape (aka Velcro)

Fusible fleece (this isnt 100% necessary)


Sewing Machine

Step 1: Cut 1 piece of cotton fabric measuring 14″ x 3″, interfacing measures 6″ x 2.5″

Step 2: Iron on the interfacing to one half of the cotton fabric

Step 3: place a 2″ piece of the loop tape onto the fabric as shown

Step 4: sew into place

To make your cord keeper more adjustable cut a longer piece of the loop so you can have more sizes within your cord keeper

Step 5: Fold the fabric in half length ways

Step 6: sew all the way around leaving a 1″ gap

Step 7: flip the piece right sides out and press

Step 8: sew all the way around  with a top stitch this will also close up the hole that was used for turning

Step 9: Now place the hook portion on the other side on the opposite end of the fabric, Sew into place and your Done!


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