Christmas Stocking tutorial

How to make this beautiful Christmas Stocking with pom pom  and fur trim!


For this tutorial you will need Cotton, Flannel, Woven fabric (i’m using a Coat woven fabric)

Fur – i bought a piece and cut it into fur strips

Lining Fabric – i used Flannel, you can use whatever you wish

Ribbon for the pom poms

Polyester fibre fill for the pom poms


Step 1 – cut out 2 mirror pieces of the stocking outer and 2 mirror  pieces of  the lining, 3″ x 6″ piece for the hook loop

Step 2 cut strip of fur measure 7″ wide x 16″4

Step 3:  place outer pieces right sides together and lining pieces right sides together

Step 4: sew around the outer stocking  piece leave top open,

Step 5: Sew around the Lining the same way but leave a 5″ gap at some point that would be used for turning

Step 6: Take the loop piece and fold in half length ways right sides together and sew a half inch seam allowance down the long edge

Flip right sides out

Step 7: Measure out your fur, measure the top of your stocking, times it by 2. cut your fabric and fold in half and sew the two ends together to create a loop

Step 8: Now turn the outer stocking right sides out and place inside the lining, put the trim in between the two laters with the fur facing the lining, fold your look in half and place that between the fur and the lining at the back seam

Step 9″ Sew around the raw edge with half in seam allowance

Flip right sides out by bringing the outer stocking through the hole in the lining

How to create the fur pom poms!


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