Carrot Draw string bag

Hey! welcome to the Easy Carrot pouch!


Cotton fabric

Ribbon or cord

Down the pattern here ——–>  Charmedbyashley-CarrotPouch-PDF-Pattern

Orange pieces 7″ x 6″

Green pieces 6″ x 6″
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Take orange pieces and fold in half, measure down the one side 1″ and cut from the 1″ mark to the folded edge to create a triangle shape

Place the fabrics right sides together lining up the 6″ sides like the left side of the photo, sew 1/4″ seam allowance and then open the piece and sew a top stitch such as the right side of this photo

Here is a close look at the top stitch

place both pieces right sides together lining up the edges and pin in place, sew along the sides except for the top opening with a 1/4″ allowance

to prevent fraying use pinking sheers to cut down the sides like this photo

To finish the bag please download the full tutorial here

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