Brick White Washing

So i finally Took the Plunge and White washed my Fireplace, I’m not crazy about the colour and the overall feel of it, the fireplace looks very dated 1987 to be exact…

The Brushed Brass finish just isnt my  style haha

Things you will need to White wash your brick

Latex paint



Cotton Cloth / rags

drop cloth

Painters Tape

News paper

*Note to self, you need to have lots of drop clothes or newspaper on hand as the paint splatters like wild fire


Preparing your Fireplace, If you have any parts that you can remove, my fireplace has a hood and i also found i could remove the side accent bars so i removed those (i later chose not to  put those back on as you will see)

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Prepare your fireplace by adding newspaper and painter tape to mask off places you dont want the paint to splatter, I dont want my hearth to get painted, the mantel and of course the fireplace itself, move furniture far away and add drop cloth to avoid ruining things with the splatter

Mix 1 part Latex paint, 2 parts water for a thinner wash, for a thicker wash 1 part paint 1 part water

This much paint did my entire fireplace

Depending on your brick you might paint on your paint and it could soak into the brick, if this happens painting on your wash will be dark and first and     the brick will show through in a few minutes, depending on your mixture you can add more paint or less paint, do multiple layers if you desire it to be a little bit more pronounced. I did one coat painting on and not wiping off, you might want to wipe off but all brick is different so if you can test on a side brick that isnt too visible to see how you like it and then do your entire fireplace.

Brick will dry fairly quickly


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