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The importance of Car Seat Safety

Car seats with 5 point harness is designed to fit snuggly up against your babies body, 1 finger width is the recommended distance from their chest. when you put a coat or a large sweater you cant get that strap snuggly up against them, Using a car seat poncho will ensure they are warm with correct car seat straps. place your child in the car seat and put the poncho over their head!

My kids love these, they feel like they are cozy in a big warm blanket when they are in the car

Made with a double layer of Fleece they never complain they are cold!


Hey guys!

Hi i’m Ashley! Thanks for stopping by Charmed By Ashley the only sewing tutorial website you will want to be on! With a huge selection of easy to sew patterns and ideas Ashley will keep you busy for hours!


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