Chevron Table Runner pattern

Chevron  Table Runner Project!

For this project i purchased

1/2 Metre of Pumpkin

1/2 Metre of Plaid

1 Metre of Orange

This was too much and i could most def make another one with the left over materials

This Beautiful Table Runner is made with gorgeous Fall Fabrics

Watch the live stream where i started this project!à

I didnt end up finishing on Camera but here are some photos of my progress

Place Printed and Solid right sides together, draw a line down the centre and sew along that line with a Quarter of an inch seam allowance, slice down the the drawn line to create two individual blocks and iron flat

Place The blocks in this formation and sew together row by row

Remember it will not meet nicely on the sides as there is the seam allowance

Create a quilt sandwich with Quilt batting, and a piece of backing fabric the size of the finished quilt top

pin into place and start quilting

I started by sewing in the ditch (sewing along each of the seams) and then i did an addition seam to follow the zip zag pattern

Make sure you square off the quilt top to make all the edges line up and then apply your bias tape made from one of the fabrics

Fold the bias tape in half and line up the raw edges and sew all the way around the piece

Fold over the bias tape and sew down the other side onto the back of it

If your good the seam will line up perfectly on the top of the quilt binding, mine was good in spots but not all the way… ahhh oh well use a matching thread and you wont see it!

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