Easy fancy bowl covers!

This tutorial is a perfect beginner project for the new sewer!, make a bunch and have them on hand for those grill outs and parties, cover your bowls to protect from the elements when outside!

This tutorial is very simple and doesnt require exact measurements, i used cotton fabric but you can always use plastic, or a food safe PUL

Choose the bowls you want to cover, if you choose the largest bowl one cover could cover all of them depending on the size

Check out the video tutorial also!

make sure your fabric is larger then the opening of the bowl, cut a circle around the bowl 2 1/2″ larger then the bowl

Either serge or do a zipzag stitch around the edges to prevent fraying if your using a cotton, if your using a PUL you can skip this step if you wish, fold over the edges by 1/2″ to 3/4″ to create a hem for the elastic, leave a 1″ gap for the insertion of your elastic

grab a thin elastic, nothing fancy and measure it the size of the bowl then cut it 1″ shorter, insert the elastic using a safety pin for easy insertion unless you have a fancy threading tool hehe

secure the ends with a few stitches and then sew up the 1″ opening to finish it off and then your done!

Download a PDF version of these instructions over at Craftsy




Giant paper flowers free template


Download free daisy template here –>  DOWNLOAD NOW

I saw these beautiful flowers on pinterest a few times and when i saw someone use them for a backdrop for photoshoots i knew i had to make them for my next cake smash session

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i went over to michaels and i purchased a pack of paper and drew up a few templates in varying sizes

the paper i purchased was a rose colour pad with different shades of pink, my mistake was not to buy such a heavy weight paper but i wanted the colours so i knew i would endure the painful cutting of the scissors but i knew it would be worth it haha, i suggest a 80lb card stock… not a 110lb haha!

make sure you have a good amount of hot glue sticks on hand as one flower took about 3 or 4 full sticks

To learn how to make these flowers check out the tutorial below!

Like this paper? find it here!

i ended up making 5 flowers and added a beautiful banner and a flower garland, this photo is from the end of the cake smash my “Clean up baby” portion

i absolutely love how it turned out!




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Happy Father’s Day!

When your on a budget and dont want to spend $8 on a hallmark, take to the handmade!

The first picture is on a Bumble bee, painting stripes on their hand and filling in with a circle for the head, lets and a couple wings

a Dinosaur, hand painted in full and place upside down, use the thumb as the head and the pinky as the tail, use finger prints to add scales to the back

This one was for “Da da” from my kids

Neck one is two dinosaurs, Orange one is my daughter and Green one is my son’s hand

great for birthday cards and fathers day

Hope you like these couple little ideas for hand painting!