Magnetic tray

$2 Diy Dollar Tree Magnetic Tray

Perfect for Pins, Clips or Paper clips and other stationary

For this project you will need a Soap Dish and Large Flap magnets, both items can be found in your local dollar tree. If you are unable to find this exact soap dish it is necessary to find a dish that has a hollow bottom so you can glue the magnets to the bottom and it wont affect it when its sitting on the table

My Dollar Tree only had clear soap dishes so because of this i would see the magnets through the dish so i chose to put fabric on the bottom to hide the magnets

I use Mod podge to glue it on the bottom of the soap dish and cut out scrap fabric to fit the hollowed out bottom

use a paint brush to saturate the fabric onto the dish and place the magnets onto the glue

If you will not be using this method using super glue or E6000 glue to secure the magnets on the bottom of your soap dish


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